Honestly, Peta’s ads make me so angry I could stamp on a kitten. While eating a Big Mac and wearing chinchilla. If this has offended you, then I should make clear that my tongue is very firmly in my cheek. Which, funnily enough, was precisely the excuse Peta’s associate director of campaigns and outreach proffered when confronted with the criticism that the organisation’s latest ad, Boyfriend went vegan, all but condones physical violence within a relationship. After all, if sex sells, hard sex sells harder, and the sort of sex that leaves you hospitalised sells hardest of all.

Brilliant piece. Here’s a quote:

"Further, courting controversy for controversy’s sake has a troubling effect over time. While shock and gore still have the potential to be powerful, they have become so ubiquitous that we are gradually becoming desensitised to them. It makes no difference whether you’re promoting chocolate or charity: normalising violence can never be justified. We should cut Peta absolutely no slack for this latest ad just because, somewhere in the background, bunny rabbits are involved."