You had one job … workmen painted “BUP STOP” in Bristol, UK last week. 

Photo: Ben Birchall/PA

100 years of the Leica camera

Many of the 20th century’s most defining images were shot on a Leica - but the camera almost died, later triumphantly reborn in the digital age.  

Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty

Taylor Swift has gone from ringletted country artist to feminist role model and the world’s most charming pop star. As she returns with her catchiest material yet, she talks awards-ceremony etiquette, autobiographical lyrics and why she puts nice before naughty. Read the interview

Photo: Kate Head

Michael Brown funeral: Thousands of mourners are expected at the funeral of Michael Brown, the African American teenager whose death at the hands of a white police officer set off days of confrontation on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

White House officials and civil rights activist Al Sharpton are scheduled to attend. Follow live coverage of the funeral 

Photo: Reuters 

Doctor Who - Deep Breath: episode recap

So Peter Capaldi has finally boarded the Tardis, and in the end he was … probably how you imagined he’d be: intimidating, bold and unsettling. Read the recap

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Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones: it’s the final round of our Emmy’s bracket. Vote for the show that deserves to win it all

• Breaking Bad beat Orange is the New Black with 73% of the vote.

• Game of Thrones beat House of Cards, with 62% of the vote.

Ebola: airlines have cancelled flights to infected countries, while fear and false alarms put Europe on high alert

A health worker disinfects a corpse after the man died in a classroom being used as a temporary Ebola isolation ward (John Moore/Getty). 

At London zoo, a mossy frog is measured at the annual weigh-in (Philip Toscano/PA)

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Artist Eric Drooker shares the inspiration behind next week’s cover, “Ferguson, Missouri.”

Breaking Bad trumped True Detective! House of Cards beat Mad Men? Things are heating up in our quest for 2014’s best show. Who should move on to the championship round? Cast your vote