A former top US general has called on Barack Obama to order the destruction the militant group responsible for murdering American journalist James Foley amid conflicting views in the administration on how to respond to the atrocity. Full story here

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National guard ordered to withdraw from Ferguson 

Missouri governor Jay Nixon has ordered the national guard to withdraw from Ferguson after two nights of relative calm, ending a controversial deployment and raising hopes of a return to normality in a city wracked by protest and violence. 

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Sea plankton have been found on the International Space Station – but how did they get there?

If the science side of Tumblr can’t explain it, read this

In the lead up to the 2014 Emmy awards, we’re asking you to vote on the best TV show of the year. True Detective or Breaking Bad? Mad Men or House of Cards? Vote for your favorite in our Pre Emmys bracket today!

Photo highlights of the day: A hummingbird flies in a garden in Pereira, Colombia. (Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images)

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What Airbnb guests bring to your fridge

With a stream of international visitors come intriguing, peculiar, and sometimes astonishing foods. Henrietta Clancy shares what guests have left in her fridge 

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“Yes, we have a campus rape problem. But we also have a national (and an international) rape problem. Let’s not forget that in the back-to-school rush.”
Jessica Valenti: The scourge of sexual assault infecting our every institution and town can only be solved if we use our empathy and effort at the margins

Ferguson, 11 days on: “We are sitting on a powder keg” 

"Just about the only thing clear through the fog of noxious gas clouding Ferguson’s streets is the burning, implacable rage of Brown’s peers against the police and their political masters"

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