Robin used to keep chickens in his backyard, and pigeons on the roof of his Park Slope, Brooklyn, brownstone. The chickens for eggs, the pigeons for sport. 

He isn’t allowed either anymore. “

“When the new people started moving into this neighborhood, buying up the buildings, they started demanding changes. They got rid of the chickens first. Then they complained about the pigeons. I was the last guy to be able to keep them. These new folks love their animals and spend crazy amounts on them, as long as it’s cats and dogs.”

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Photo: Chris Arnade

Detroit is knocking down 200 houses a week, with 40,000 to go.
Could the city’s attempt to rid itself of “ruin porn” speed up gentrification?
Photo: Jonathan Kaiman 

"Come look at the freaks. Come gape at the geeks." 

The upcoming premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show shows how slurs against people with disabilities have gone mainstream.

Barb Wells taught chemistry for nine years at an all-girls Catholic high school until last month. 

Her firing has ignited an international protest movement online. Here’s why:

Really miss your typewriter? There’s an app for that. 

Americans are renouncing citizenship after being forced out of bank accounts.

“It was like cutting off my right arm,” says Patricia Moon, who gave up her US citizenship in 2012. “Now, I’m simply angry.” Full story »